These are recipes for men. They will drive women crazy. If you are a woman, go read Good Housekeeping with all those exaggerated descriptions of the food, and the lists and lists of ingredients. All the recipes here adhere to the "one inch rule." The list of ingredients is never more than an inch long.

Men want to know about what they're eating--the gross details. Where it came from. What its made of.

When I was little I remember sitting around the kitchen table with my father and grandfather and uncles and eating Limburger cheese with them. I think they did it to gross out the women in the house. My mom and grandmother made faces and kept away. The men drank beer and smoked unfiltered cigarettes like Luckies and Camels. Eating gross stuff like pigs feet and smelly cheese is a guy thing, it makes us what we are.

Men don't like to waste a lot of time doing the dainty little steps that women take such pride in. Men are lazy and just want to get the job done. Furthermore we are competitive and take delight in doing things fast and efficiently. These recipes take every shortcut possible and reduces the time to make lemonade to about a minute.

Men also want large portions, lots of meat, easy on the low starch vegetables.

Bone appetite!